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A walk in the dark forest at night is a pretty creepy adventure. And how about walking in a forest, where you are not alone? No, we are not talking about the wild animals. Neither we mean other people, who might be violent and dangerous. There is something more frightening than everything you know. An ancient monster that lives in the depth of the wood, waiting for its victims to come closer…

In the game called Siren Head you are going to meet a creature that will stay in your memory forever. This is one of the scariest horror characters ever invented. Mysterious, strange, violent and what is most stunning – intelligent.

Siren Head – how does she look like?

Siren doesn’t seem to be similar to any other horror characters. She is as tall as a house, extremely thin, and exhausted. Maybe, her long legs and arms that almost reach the ground will remind you of Slenderman, but he is just a child comparing to Siren Head. The main feature of this character is her head – it explains her name and looks like a pair of loudspeakers with teeth and tongues. These loudspeakers are connected to the radio waves and the monster can reproduce different sounds with their help. These might be the dialogues, songs, melodies, and, of course, the alarms informing about bombing and catastrophes. Using these phones, Siren terrorizes people and attracts her victims that appear in the wood late at night. She knows how to call a particular person and evoke his/her interest. If you will hear someone’s crying for help in the dark forest or a mysterious old melody playing from the depths, don’t hurry up and rush there. This might be Siren, waiting for you to come.

Games that feature Siren Head

Siren has already become a real superstar of the gaming world. You are welcome to meet her in numerous titles:
• Siren Head Horror Game
• Siren Head Fortnite
• Siren Head Garry’s Mod
• Siren Head Rebirth
• Siren Head Fallout 4
• Siren Head Minecraft
As you can see, in addition to the original game, there are numerous well known titles like Fortnite or Fallout that feature this character. The most interesting thing is that you can find her there, so get ready for a grandiose meeting! If you are searching for Siren in one of these entertainments, make sure to move to the rural areas, wait for the night, rainy weather, or fog. All of these games and mods can be found on the pages of our website, so try them all and try to survive after meeting Siren Head!

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