Siren Head

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Monsters can be different. Some of them are just horrible and blood-thirsty, the others are witty and tricky, still others are mysterious and strange. Siren Head combines all of these features, which means only one thing – she is the worst nightmare you could ever imagine. This is an original character that has been invented by a story-writer and artist T. Henderson. Due to the real creepiness and uniqueness, the story of this creature invented the Internet really fast. Siren Head became a heroine of various short novels, videos, and of course – video games.
The original game about Siren Head is as short as five minutes. It is more like a part of the game, not a full version. Despite the brief gameplay, you get a chance to meet the monster as she is – tall, terrifying, and extremely smart. The main distinguishing feature of Siren is that she is a conscious being and does everything for a reason. Having two sirens on her shoulders, she knows how to use them and what to play on them very well. Siren knows how to attract different people using various types of noises. Also, she can bring the entire village or town into terror by translating the alarm sounds that inform about bombing, earthquake, and other catastrophes. The trick is that no catastrophe is worse than Siren Head her own.
She has a clever hunting strategy. Siren is able to hide and disguise in the forest. Luckily, her body that is thin and dark is easily to hide among the trees. She has an ability to mimic human’s voice and understand how to communicate with this or that person. Siren can call for help, play melodies, and anything else she can catch on the radio waves. To attack large groups of people, she can concentrate the sound and strike with its power right into their ears. When a victim stumbles at Siren Head, she kills him or her. In fact, people disappear without any traces after they meet this horrible creature. She can be seen among the canyons, in the rural areas, but her favorite place is surely a shadowy wood. Siren doesn’t like the daylight, like any other hellish monster. This is why, if you would like to meet her in person (do you really want to?), you should go for a walk into the forest when the twilights fall.
Siren Head can be met in the original title, updated one, as well as numerous other online games. Such platforms as Roblox, Fortnite, and Fallout include this creature into their maps and a lot of players claim that they have seen her. If you cannot wait to become a victim of the most terrifying monster in the history of the Internet, then welcome to the world of games about Siren! We have a plenty of them for you!

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