Siren Head Update

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Have you ever heard of Siren Head? Of course, you have. This is one of the most famous horror character that have ever existed. This creature has been invented by one artist who has written a story about the tall and creepy monster on the graveyard. This monster has had dynamics instead of its head and the sounds coming out where really horrible. Then he drawn Siren Head the way we know her today – tall, thin, horrifying. The game about this creature is pretty short and take only five minutes of your time. If you haven’t played it yet, then you must launch this improved and updated version right now to immerse yourself into the atmosphere of the real ancient evil that lives somewhere at the neighborhood. If you have already played the original part, well, then there are not doubts that you definitely will like seeing the new version!
Unlike the very first chapter, where you enter the night forest as a rescues ranger and try to find the lost tourists, this game has something to boast of. Now the atmosphere is even creepier here because the developer added some light to the location, which means that everything that frightens you (or at least has such a potential) will be more visible! Incredible experience is guaranteed. You will be looking for people, but someone you will find is a monster. And, maybe, your own death. Siren Head is merciless and she hits only once, so make sure to avoid her attack when you finally see her figure.

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