Siren Head Unblocked

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4.5 stars

What is waiting for people walking in the dark forest at the night time? Nothing really good! Some of you will say, well, there might be some mad maniacs, wild animals, or simply the log you fall over there. We bet that most of you don’t believe in monsters that live in the forests, right? They are just legends for kids! However, in this creepy indie-title, you will have no choice but to change your mind. The appearance of Siren Head will make your knees shiver. And, hopefully, you will stay alive after this spooky meeting.
The unblocked version of the small horror title that has conquered millions of horror fans hearts is at your disposal. Even though this game won’t take too much of your time – it feels more like a presentation of the character than actually a full adventure – you will remember it till the last day of your life. The main feature of this title surely is an ability to see the forest monster Siren Head in person. You are a forest ranger and there is an emergency you hear – someone is lost in the wood. However, is it a real emergency? You don’t even ask a question like that, because you are adult and rational enough to think about mysterious fake calls from the monsters… that have dynamics on their shoulders and mimic people. Well, good luck then and get ready for five minutes of cool story! You will walk forward, hear the noises, see the shadows, and at some point, she will come out. All of a sudden and for the last time! Siren Head cannot be beaten, you can only get amazed by her mysterious outlook, tree-like body, and if you are lucky enough – a beautiful melody that comes out of her head. Or terrifying noises that will tear your heart into pieces. In both cases, you are dead.

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