Siren Head Scary

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One of the most frightening and mysterious horror creatures surely is Siren Head. Who is she? It is a strange monster with a human-like body and two loud-speakers on the top of it. She was created by a horror artist T. Henderson, known as the author of numerous creepy creatures that became heroes of popular Internet videos, games, and stories. For the first time, she appeared in his creepy story about a couple who visited the graveyard and saw this creature around. This was a famous legend, popular among the Internet users and namely – people who visit the image boards. Just like another famous hero of the web-stories, Slender Man, she was drawn by the artist later.
Siren Head is not a human being and never was it. Not only she has the dynamics that make sounds and play old recordings, but also it is known that Siren can speak language. She doesn’t have eyes and it is supposed that she is blind, but has sensitive echolocation organs that allow her orient in space. She can hide perfectly even though she is extremely big – more than 40 feet tall. She has supernatural abilities, that is why eyes, nose, and ears are not necessary for her to see, hear, and smell. Her body looks dried and reminds of a mummy. She is extremely thin and long, having metal speakers instead of a head. The speakers have teeth and tongues that can be visible from particular angles. The name Siren Head is given to her due to these speakers that can produce various sounds, especially – the alarms, dialogues, emergency sounds, etc. She is conscious and chooses the records for a reason. She “catches” them on the airways from all over the space and time. She can pretend to be a human being, while you cannot see her, the words from her speakers can sound like someone near you, calling for help… This is what makes her really tricky and dangerous!
Siren Head lives in rural areas, where the woods are. Most of her victims are people that walk in these locations – these might tourists, locals, and even young kids. She can mimic the voices and lure people deeper and deeper into the forest, where she is going to get them all of a sudden. It is really hard to see her figure in the wood, because she can hide among the trees and her body shape and color will blend with the environment in way that distinguishing her becomes nearly impossible. The main thing that makes her noticeable is the noise. Some people are attracted with the beautiful music she plays, the other follow the voices, still other believe that there is someone lost in the forest and try to help. In the end, all of them stumble at a horrible monster.

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