Siren Head Rebirth

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4.6 stars

The online gaming platforms have something to announce – there is someone walking on the maps of their games… Someone creepy, strange, and violent. Roblox is another place where you can meet Siren Head, a strange creature from the depth of the darkest forests. This game features Siren and you are going to meet her, whether you will search for her or she will find you herself. The character is a gloomy monster that has enormous sizes and makes strange noises coming out of the dynamics that replace her head. This is why she has the name like that. You will definitely know that she is approaching after hearing the sound of alarm or a distorted old melody.
The game tells a story of Siren Head’s invasion. She has left her shelter and habitual places where she lives. Now she is in the city. The nights became disturbing and anxious – dwellers can hear the strange sounds all around. The alarms make them think that the war started or any other disaster is around. They are right – the disaster is around the corner, but it might be even worse than a war or catastrophe. The monster is here and she is even more sinister than anything they could ever imagine. As all the other locals, you will meet Siren Head and this is going to be a real nightmare. Gather the health kits around the map – you will need them badly. The collision with a monster will surely bring ruination, wounds, and horror. Save yourself and help your friends and other dwellers to avoid being killed by the monster. Enter the city under a massive attack of a mad monster. This version of the game is updated, so it looks brighter and can boast of better realism. Enjoy and stand against the ancient evil that breaks through right from hell!

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