Siren Head Minecraft Mod

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If you are one of those Minecraft fans who likes creepy and strange things in the game, then this mod is for you. Adding it to your game, you will get truly blood-chilling experience – guaranteed! The horrible monster called Siren Head will enter the world of blocks and you are going to meet her. Siren Head will appear as a boss, mighty, powerful, violent, and extremely terrifying. This character has been invented by the artist Trevor Henderson and he really knows how to make the horror creatures. A lot of different games now feature Siren Head and Minecraft is not an exclusion.
Siren Head is a creature of the night. She prefers darkness, fogs, and rainy weather. Her appearance is pretty creepy. Siren looks like a skeleton covered with thin and unhealthy skin. The color of her body is dark and her limbs are long like wooden sticks. She is thin as if she was exhausted for ages. She walks on the long legs and has arms that almost reach the ground. She is called Siren Head because two loudspeakers are located on the top of her body. This is actually her head. They look like tubes with teeth and make creepy sounds. In Minecraft version, Siren is blocky as all the other characters and objects, so you will have a chance to see her in a new way. She will act as a boss here and you are going to fight her in order to stay alive!
She is more than fifteen blocks tall, which makes her a real giant. Her health bar is amazing – about 800 of points. This means that you will have a really hard time trying to beat her down! Try to avoid her attacks, because the damage she brings is also incredible – 20 points will be lost in case she reaches you. She is very hostile towards every player as well as the dwellers of the village. Despite she is that large and tall, you will have troubles with noticing her even when she is near. The problem is that Siren Head appears in the night or when the fog falls. She walks relatively slowly and only the dark shadows will predict her coming. Something that will inform you about approaching monster is also the sounds she makes. These sounds are really horrible and alarming, so if you have weak nerves or unhealthy heart – we would not recommend you to play this mod. The sounds of alarms and radio speech from the past will uncover her presence, but seeing her around will be more difficult than noticing the sound. She hides perfectly.

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