Siren Head Horror

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4.9 stars

We all know those creepy legends about the ancient spirits and creatures that live in the depths of forests. Every village or town where the wood is can boast of having numerous stories about mysterious and strange meetings with various monsters. However, we don’t really believe that these legends are true. In this game, you will change your mind. Welcome to the spooky horror called Siren Head, an original indie-game inspired by these stories. Siren Head is actually the monster you are going to find there. This is a short but exciting experience with a truly unique creature invented by the game developer. And the best part – we bet that you have never seen anything like this before. And will never see.
The game has a truly dark and creepy atmosphere. The background music will immerse you into the nightmarish haze that predicts – something really frightening is happening and there is more to come. The role you are going to play is a forest ranger, young still – experienced in the duty he has. One night, he gets a call. The group of tourists are lost in the forest, so he needs to start his search and save these people. Of course, this is something he has done for a thousand of times before. People get lost in this forest way too often. However, this time, the routine rescue mission will turn into something he could never expect. He thought that he knows every spot of this forest, every bush and tree, but there is something… or we better say – someone, he is going to see for the very first time. Hopefully, this won’t be the last thing he does in life. The game is pretty short, but well-done and well-thought. The scene of your meeting with the Siren is neat and real horror fans will surely adore it. It is hard to call this title a full story, rather a small episode that reveals the strange event happened to the main character. You will just walk through the night forest, then go down the path and finally Siren will meet you in all of her frightening beauty. She is extremely tall and mysterious. Before meeting her in person, you will see the dark shadows here and there, so the sense of amazing suspense is guaranteed. Despite this fact, we bet that these five minutes will stay in your memory for a pretty long period. We hope that the continuation and expanded version of the game will be launched very soon. Be ready to play it on this website once it appears! Check this section for more content and enjoy the best horror experience ever!

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