Siren Head Garry’s Mod

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If you are an experienced gamer, we bet that you know a person called Trevor Henderson. He is an inventor of different worlds. Most of the universes this guy invents are pretty spooky. He is fond of horrors and especially – various mythological creatures that live near us. He is fond of letting them enter our world and make our lives collide. Sometimes, in a very creepy manner. One of his famous creations is a monster called Siren Head. This is a large human-like creature that lives in the forest. If you are fond of night walks around the trees, be ready to meet her one fine evening. Siren is a monster and it is not very clear what kind of story she has. We know her from a famous short horror game called Siren Head in her honor. This is a small episode that rather feels like a movie where you play for a wood ranger. The game allows you to see this monster in full force, but only for a short moment. If you want to meet her closer, then you should try this addition for Garry’s Mod.
This feature allows you to import Siren Head into your Garry’s Mod game. She is a creature that is 40 feet tall and her head looks like a loudspeaker. Strange music, various sounds, parts of dialogues, and shouts come out of her head. Sometimes, you will hear her melodies, different conversations, and someone naming random numbers or words. In general, this playing model is unique and really creepy. If you like both – the creativity of Garry’s Mod and the spookiness of original horror characters, then the mixture of them will make you excited. We encourage you to try this add-on right now! It is free to get on this site, so press the button and see how the atmosphere of your Garry’s Mod experience changes radically. She will make the alarm sounds, fatal moves that might kill all the unit near her, and more. Your NPCs will be very scared to see her. They will try to run away and hire right after she appears. No wonder! Siren will walk around your city like a shadow and bring death and horror all around. Will you manage to deal with this monster? Try this cool addition and see! Have fun and meet Siren Head closer!

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