Siren Head Fortnite

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Today, there are rumors that one strange character appears in numerous online games. One of them is Fortnite, the battle royale title where you compete with other players from the server until one of you stays alive and all the rest – die. The rumor’s main heroine is Siren Head, the horror character that appears inside of the game maps. Some players say that it is not true, while the others claim that they have seen Siren Head and even provide some video proves of their interactions! Do you want to know if Siren really visits different online titles? Then you must take a while and play this version of Fortnite. From the first glance, you won’t see a big difference, but remember – you have a chance to meet someone really strange here. Yes, you have already guessed who it is.
So what kind of creature Siren Head actually is? You will be frightened after seeing her. This is a mysterious monster that doesn’t remind any other. She is a fully original character that has been inspired by the ancient myths about the creatures that live in the forest. She is extremely tall – as high as a tower-block. The body of her is thin and looks exhausted. Her ribs stick out in a spooky manner, her legs are thin as well as her arms that are extremely long and almost touch the ground. There is a piece of wood attached to her shoulders and it serves as a neck. This “neck” holds her “head” that is composed of a pair of loudspeakers. Her body seems to be suffering from atrophy and looks really morbid. All of the body parts of this monster are disproportional and look inappropriate. The skin has dark color – grey and brown. She looks like a huge skeleton with a loudspeaker on her shoulders. These loudspeakers will reveal her appearance in the game. Once you here the particular sound – actually, the sound of sirens – you can pretty assured that you have found her. Of maybe it is she who found you!
Join other players from the server and check all the locations on the map to find and see the real Siren Head in the environment of Fortnite. Are you the lucky one to find her? Maybe, the other will never believe you, but we bet that you will never forget the moment you see this monster. She will appear in the fog, thick forest, or rainy valley. You will definitely be scared by the sounds she makes – they will remind you of a broken radio that plays random sounds and stations all the time. This is just crazy! Try now!

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