Siren Head Fallout 4

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Fallout 4 has something new for you to explore. This is a brand new character that is hiding somewhere on the map and we bet that you want to find your way to her. She is Siren Head, a legendary monster as tall as the house and as creepy as your worst nightmare. Now she can be met in different online games and this is not just jokes or rumors! Find your way to the monster, see her in her full “beauty” and try not to die after a meeting like that. So who is this mysterious skinny monster? If you have ever seen fantasy movie called The Lord of the Rings, you must remember the creatures called treants and nazguls. Well, Siren Head is something in between. She will remind you of alive tree, large and disproportional. Her head has a shape of doubled dynamics and they are located on the log that serves her as a neck. The dynamics are never silent – they make signals and sounds, casting conversations, messages about bombing, melodies, and more. For most players the appearance of Siren Head in Fallout was a real excitement, since this character is extremely popular worldwide.
If you have never seen this creature before (and we bet that you have), you cannot imagine what kind of atmosphere she brings to the game. She makes creepy sounds, looks horrifying, and strikes like hell. If you cannot wait to meet this mob in your Fallout game, we are ready to warn you – this mob doesn’t have a particular location. She wanders around the area on her own. However, here is an advice from the game developers – Siren Head really likes the locations that are far from the city noise. She prefers dark forests and remoted places. So pack your things and try to see her. Keep one more detail in mind – Siren Head doesn’t like the sunshine. She leaves her shelter and starts wandering around only when the sun goes down or when the weather is foggy and gloomy.

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