Siren Head 2

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Today, guys, you are going to play Siren Head! What? Do you say that you have already played this game? Well, we have some news for you – here is the second, an updated, and fresh part of your favorite short horror where the creepiest creature on earth is waiting for you. The game has been developed on the Roblox platform and it will bring you the experience you have never had before. Are you ready for another exciting and extremely creepy walk in the gloomy night forest? Then here you go – hurry up and launch the amazing title we have uploaded for all fans of real horrors!
So you will find yourself in the gloomy area – the forest covered with dark. There is a road, wide and long, in front of you. Follow the road and move deeper and deeper into the woods… are you already frightened? Continue then. The further you go, the more you will sense the presence of something out of this world. Siren Head will show her presence by means of the sound that come out of her head – the dynamics. You will not see her, but you will understand that she is somewhere near very clearly. Still, at some moment, the monster will show itself! This will happen all of sudden – you will just see her standing on the road right in front of you. Chances are that the creature will attack you immediately, so be ready to get a nice hit of enormous arms right into your head. This will kill you from one shot, as you have already understood. Also, you can walk around the labyrinth where other gamers are also present. Who will survive in this battle? Will you manage to avoid meeting Siren Head and get out of this place alive? Not sure, but you must try this out right now! You will her killing other players and the pools of blood will appear on the walls and on the ground. This will surely make you move your legs faster! Are you ready for an extreme walk like that? Welcome then!

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